360 Degree Assessment



For experienced managers, Benchmarks measures 16 skills that are critical for success, as well as, five possible career de-railers. It offers an in-depth look at development by assessing skills which were developed from qualitative research inside Fortune 100 companies. Leaders receive feedback from their immediate boss, supervisors, peers, direct reports, family members and others in a confidential format.

Benchmarks contain 155 questions that are divided into the following areas:

  • Meeting job challenges
  • Leading people
  • Respecting self and others
  • Problems that can derail a career


  • Provides derailment data
  • Normative comparisons
  • Development Planning Guide included

Special Features

  • Learn how others perceive their strengths and development needs.
  • Learn how they compare with similar managers in other organizations.
  • Focus on skills and perspectives critical to being effective and successful.
  • Design a plan that links needs to specific developmental experiences.
  • Provides normative comparison of results with other successful managers
  • Provides ratings for both importance and competence

What Benchmarks® Measures

Benchmarks assess 16 skills and perspectives that CCL researchers identified as being critical to successful management.

Leading the Organization
  • Strategic Perspective
  • Being a Quick Study
  • Decisiveness
  • Change Management
Leading Others
  • Leading Employees
  • Confronting Problem Employees
  • Participative Management
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Compassion and Sensitivity
  • Putting People at Ease
  • Respect for Differences
Leading Yourself
  • Taking Initiative
  • Composure
  • Balance Between Personal and Work Life
  • Self-Awareness
  • Career Management
Problems That Can Stall A Career
  • Problems with Interpersonal Relationships
  • Difficulty Building and Leading a Team
  • Difficulty Changing or Adapting
  • Failure to Meet Business Objectives
  • Too Narrow Functional Orientation



A unique 360-degree feedback tool that provides feedback on two types of behaviors: the skills most often found in successful executives, and the learning behaviors needed to acquire those skills.


Based on research with successful global managers and international executives, Prospector:

  • Gives important feedback on skills that help managers improve their ability to learn from experience and their willingness to engage in and take advantage of growth opportunities.
  • Helps establish a culture in which improved learning skills are recognized and highly valued as an overall organizational objective.

Special Features

  • Internet-based - Participants and raters complete Prospector online and facilitators receive feedback reports in print with an option for PDF format.
  • The short straightforward format (48 highly focused items) is easy to complete.
  • A comparison of results with successful leaders provides managers with a meaningful benchmark for development.
  • Group profiles are available.

What Prospector® Assess

Learning to Learn
  • Seeks opportunities to learn
  • Seeks and uses feedback
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Open to criticism
Learning to Lead
  • Committed to making a difference
  • Insightful - sees things from new angles
  • Has the courage to take risks
  • Brings out the best in people
  • Acts with integrity
  • Seeks broad business knowledge
  • Adapts to cultural differences

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